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CEO & Business Partner
Lisbon, Me Travel Group

Message: Dear Yieldmaster Group, investors and business partners my name is Paulo Martins; I created Yieldmaster since March 2011.

Me Travel Group is an international network specializing in solution management and consultancy for the tourism industry. We operate in multiple business areas providing a unique portfolio for the tourism industry. Our vast experience, the use of technology and a highly qualified team enable us to find any solution for our partners, fulfilling all the needs of a new generation market.

Bio: I have been in the tourism industry all my working life, over 20 years, I started as a hotelier in Portugal in 1994, since that time I’ve been working in multiple facets of the tourism industry (hotels, Tour Operators, DMC’s, Transportation Companies and Business Travels) around the globe.

My professional experience ranges from TUI to FCm going through my partnership during 14 years with the Der Touristik/MTS, Illusions Online Group my own consulting & adviser company Yieldmaster.

The tourism industry is my life. The challenges we face every day, the changes that happen every minute, the solutions that we are providing every second.. are exciting and fulfilling me professionally and personally.

It is with great pleasure that I am taking on this challenge wanting to once again be part of the present and the future of the global travel industry.


  • Strong knowledge and skills to turn around companies.
  • Vast and solid experience to lead and /or advice complex changes in organizations.
  • High commitment with clear and quantified objectives to be settled between stakeholders.
  • In depth experience of managing and leading people and with the most complexity management situations.
  • Solid balance between Finance/Economic background, Marketing and Commercial Management strong company International rules and policies implementation.

Contacts: e-mail: | mobile: +351 917 385 505 | phone: +351 215 999 183 | skype: paulo.martinsym

CRM Maintenance & Support
Lisbon, Me Travel Group

Bio: Passionate for Management, she likes to think that when you are passionate about what you do for a living you enjoy it more. You also do it better. With her motivation, she hopes to provide services in order that companies can achieve their business goals, understand their market environment, and their internal capabilities to form a consistent market strategy.

Quote: “To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
Because it blooms up above.” – Fernando Pessoa

Contacts: e-mail: | phone: +351 215 999 182 | skype: brigiterioym

Operations Manager
Lisbon, Me Travel Group

Bio: With a vast experience in the travel industry and in the travel technology in particular, She is one of the new faces of CRE8 team. She’s been on the field for 10 years which helped her acquire tremendous experience especially on the B2B side of the industry.
She’s studied business management in Lusíada University and She consider herself as a pro-active person with a passion for new and exciting challenges. Professionally her career started in Marketing and logistics, then changed to Tourism. She believes that our future belongs to IT, and that the travel industry is no exception!

Quote:“Não é o trabalho, mas o saber trabalhar, que é o segredo do êxito no trabalho. Saber trabalhar quer dizer: não fazer um esforço inútil, persistir no esforço até ao fim, e saber reconstruir uma orientação quando se verificou que ela era, ou se tornou, errada.” – Fernando Pessoa

Contacts: e-mail: | mobile: +351 916 706 69| telephone: +351 215 999 184 | skype: catarina.lopesym

Designer & Marketing Manager
Lisbon, Me Travel Group

Bio: He is a communication specialist with more than 20 years expertise in marketing, design and branding. He has extensive knowledge of the digital marketing, tourism and technology sectors having worked on some of the worlds most famous brands.

Quote: “It’s easy to complicate things. Simplification is the real challenge. (…) Anyone can complicate; but few are able to simplify.” – Bruno Munari

Contacts: e-mail: | mobile: +351 916 706 685 | phone: +351 215 958 433 | skype: marketingym

Digital Marketing
Lisbon, Me Travel Group

Bio: In her more than 15 years of work experience she has held a variety of marketing & sales roles.Think that marketing has a great responsibility to drive sales growth , share marketing, profitability of products, services and customer satisfaction . It is responsible , in addition to funding , the customer retention and loyalty to the brand , coordinating the innovation efforts , whether in goods and services , in sales channels , whether in communication.

Quote: “What goes around comes around… not something I came up with, but definitely something I live by”

Contacts: e-mail: | telephone: +351 215 999 182 | skype: patricia.silvaym