More than 1100 new destinations

Already surpassed more than 1,100 destinations loaded, just 1142 were added Pacific destinations, New Caledonia, Vanuatu ,Tasmania, Greek Islands, destinations on the Costa de Cadiz in Spain, and many other destinations in Africa and Asia.

In response to your suggestions we added the option to filter out to see who created the idea will show the user name that you created. You can also filter by the name of the idea. Will soon be available the option to view the digital brochure of the same, to help identify whether it is this idea that we want to be visible or not.

It is possible now the filter options can quickly clear or select options.

Was added a left column with the day-to- day on the confirmation screen, and thus have access to the reserves as they appear in the booking process.

The distribution of the reserve framework has been improved in the back office and the information of the status of each service.

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