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The primary aim of strategic tourism and business planning is to bring stakeholders together and provide them with tools to work collaboratively to transform a set of attractions, activities and services into a travel experience.

The key to the success of a destination development effort is ongoing and monitored management.

The most critical functions of a Destination Management Company (DMC) are:

  • Creative Experience Development – development of unique products
  • Tourism Branding and Tourism Marketing – branding development services, graphic design services, social media, internal and external communication
  • Market Access – reservations systems, accessing existing distribution networks
  • Ensuring Brand Integrity – standards, certification, and training
  • Customer Relationship Management – at the retail and wholesale level, confidence and lasting partnerships are essential
  • Representation – giving stakeholders a unified and more powerful voice
  • Financial Sustainability – through strategic business planning, we can create a solid financial presence in the market

Me Consulting & Tourism Solutions – XYM – Destination Management

Me Consulting provides end-to-end solutions for new and existing DMCs to successfully take on all of these responsibilities, and create and implement business plans that will provide them with the financial resources needed to carry them out on an ongoing basis. Me Consulting also assists DMCs with the following visitor services that provide a more defined and memorable sense of place:

  • Visitor Centre Development and Management – providing a hub for tourism information, trade promotion, and destination marketing;
  • Visitor Interpretive and Directional Signage – destinations such as a beach in the Algarve or a Castle in Ireland have benefited from Me Consulting’s assistance in planning, creating and disseminating the necessary informative and interpretive information to enrich the tourist experience;
  • Digital Applications – Me Consulting has partnered with IWTX to create these unique products and help promote and protect the distinctive characteristics of a destination.

During the destination development process (of the DMC and the destination) Me Consulting can also, if needed, take on most DMC functions and provide hands-on technical assistance, training and mentoring to the staff.

We also provide tools and platforms that can be used by the companies to market destinations on an ongoing basis.