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We are touching 1300 destinations (today 1299) and prioritizing the destinations that you kindly requested.

We have developed a possibility to include a mandatory insurance with a fixed value per passenger that will add to the total of the trip in the sold packages. Name, price and terms & conditions editable.

Tourico has been added to our tool as a new hotel provider once finished the integration. With this new provider the hotel offer increases not only in number but also in competitively.

At the end of this month we will have the GDS SABRE integrated, increasing flight offer and prices.

We are developing the logics and structure of our new transfers product that shortly will be available for sale in our tool.

Enabling of a new functionality that will add more payment booking options. Specifically it will be a new agency differentiation per payment type, making distinction between prepayment and credit. If all tests go well by the ending of next week it will be activated. This will allow the for the agencies of your choice to have deferred payments that consist in making the payment in two parts: 1 all the total that has entered in expenses, 2 remaining the rest of the amount to be paid in a certain date editable per agency.

  • Beginning of October we will have Hotelbeds transfers integrated.
  • Redisignment of our voucher including in a more clear way the flight stops showing the flights per segment with the cities where they stop
  • Improvement in the information about the cancellation fees appearing divided per a range of days before start of the trip
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